#TOMMYNOW Icons Fall 2018 - See Now Buy Now

Tommy tapped B Live for the fifth straight shop-the-runway experience for everything from video production to digital shopping from the runway.

An advanced embed included live shopping functionality, offering users an interface from which to instantly purchase their favorite looks and products. Widespread installation of BLive's one-line embed code resulted in viewership at global scale.

Live Video Production

Creative & Technical video production. Sourcing & management of local crew & equipment. Live switched multi-cam direction.

300+ products, 100+ looks

BLive's Looks Widget included over 300+ products from over 100 looks, each shoppable from the digital experience the moment models walked the runway.

A simple UI allows users to save their favorite looks as they watched the show, moving between the live video and the wishlist panel at their discretion.

Each saved product linked directly to its respective product page on the Tommy Hilfiger site, allowing users to show interest in a product, add it to a cart and complete the check-out process minutes after the look's debut.

Unlimited Syndication

In addition to Tommy Hilfiger's network of sites, over 300+ sites installed BLive's embed of the event, with viewers in 100+ countries. Each distribution partner was able to display the embed by copy-and-pasting a single line of code.

Unlimited global syndication means that Tommy's shoppable runway experience reach was greatly extended.

Global Streaming Destinations

The live show was streamed in parallel to several Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram Live accounts, plus TMall in China.

Tracked, analyzed and reported

BLive tracked viewer interest and engagement at a granular level throughout all phases of the show. Using this tracking data, BLive conducted an analysis on the popularity of individual looks and products and where in both the physical and digital world viewers watched the event.

BLive subsequently delivered this analytics data to Tommy Hilfiger in a readable, actionable report.

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